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Experts on buildings and their surroundings

About PE

Today’s society is facing many challenges – and presenting many opportunities – that demand change and new solutions. That is the very reason behind PE Teknik & Arkitektur. Together with customers, our architects, designers, engineers and specialists are planning and shaping sustainable buildings and societies.



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Experts on buildings and their surroundings

We are experts within sustainable social progress focusing on buildings and their surroundings, in all phases of their lifecycle. We are often hired as an adviser in early stages and collaborate between different competences throughout the building process to create the highest possible customer value in our assignments. Our vision has been clear from the start 2006: renewing society through innovative and sustainable solutions. As a customer of PE you are met by small, efficient teams knowing their market, who at the same time are backed by the resources and stability of a larger company.

Our business concept

By working together in strong teams, we create value – not only for our customers, but also for society at large. Our foundation is a strong belief in the personal drive of every employee.

Together we deliver qualified consultancy services making use of innovative and sustainable solutions within architecture, building and construction as well as installation.

Focus on growth, employees and customers

Working towards fulfilling our targets and living up to our vision, PE is guided by four business strategies:

  • The best workplace
  • The highest customer value
  • Sustainable development in assignments and operations
  • Profitable growth

Sustainability at PE

As a leading consultancy firm focusing on buildings and their surroundings, PE is at the centre of the ongoing global changes where issues concerning climate, energy supply, digitalization, the use of materials, reusage and circularity are in focus. We have a major opportunity for positive impact and our vision has been clear from the outset: renewing society through innovative and sustainable solutions.

Innovating for the climate

For PE, sustainability is part of our business strategy and a foundation permeating our value creation for customers, other stakeholders and society at large. The greatest sustainability challenge facing our industry is to counteract climate change. In Sweden, buildings are responsible for a fifth of the country’s climate emissions and our customers are setting ambitious targets to reduce their emissions, both overall and in specific projects. The entire industry is aiming to achieve climate neutrality by 2045, which entails considerable needs for new thinking and innovation.

We make a difference working together

Working together with our customers in our assignments is where we make the greatest difference. In our role as adviser and partner with appropriate knowledge, our aim is to aid customers carry

through necessary transformations and strengthen their sustainability efforts, using the global Sustainable Development Goals of the UN as a starting point. PE offers senior expertise within sustainability at the strategic and operational levels. We are used to working across different disciplines and challenge ourselves and our customers to think in circular ways and find sustainable solutions.

We practice what we preach

Although our own negative impact is small in the greater scheme of things, we also have a responsibility to practice what we preach. We are working in the long term toward sustainability targets for our own internal operations. Among other things, we strive to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions from business trips, to increase workplace well-being and to achieve a more equal gender distribution amongst our leaders and employees.

Projects and our offices

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