Managing a building project requires that little bit extra. That little extra is about experience and sector know-how, but is also about having a network where you can swiftly introduce the right competencies. Besides project management and site supervision, we work with management, in other words overall management of an operation. 

We provide a complete suite of project management services within building, installations, infrastructure, industry and energy. Our mission is to safeguard the customer's interests and adapt our work in order to meet time-related, financial, functional and sustainability goals. An important part of our job is to think about end users and at the same time what benefits the community. 

Specialised in project management
At PE, you will find project managers with wide ranging experience from most technology fields. Our project managers are well-trained and certified to be able to manage complex projects. We also have younger rising stars that have grown into the role thanks to our active work with mentoring and reutilising experience.

Management develops operations
Customers often need help to manage individual building projects, but sometimes they also need help to manage the entire operation. Then we call in our management and organisation consultants. Possessing great expertise and experience, they can go in and manage an organisation through methodology, leadership and communication.

Partner network
PE operates a partner network for independent Project management consultants who want access to increased market channels and a network of colleagues. This network improves our ability to offer our customers really high competencies. We strive to create long-term business relationships with our partners – for mutual development of our respective companies.

Services in Project management
We manage building projects and work as consultants to develop operations. Our customers are found in the private and public sectors all over Sweden. We offer services within the following areas:

Project management
Quality and working environment
Site supervision and project planning management
Inspection and control according to the Planning and Building Act
From concept/idea to project
Business development
Strategic leadership