Clean water, bridges and trains that arrive on time. Much of what we take for granted, is what we are involved in at PE. We work with infrastructure projects all over Sweden, both directly with the customer but also in collaboration with international players.

Responsibility for the overall project
The assignments are very varied – from writing individual environmental impact assessments to planning harbours and major railway projects. A common denominator is that we are always involved in the entire project, sustainability and benefit for the community.

We often get involved at the early stages and in many cases we work as an integrated part of the customer’s organisation. By working in small, engaged teams and having a flat organisation, we can be more efficient while maintaining our overall view of the project.

National projects, international collaboration
Many larger projects involve foreign players. Companies from abroad require a Swedish partner and this is where PE comes in. We supply competencies and personnel who can participate in the entire chain – from the initial contact to evaluation after completion.

Clean water
Many people are surprised at how much competence we have within water and water purification. This may relate to process water in industry, water for an entire airport, but also the water in the swimming pool. We are particularly proud of our methods for water analysis and water purification.

Services in Infrastructure
PE provides strategic consultancy and services within infrastructure for the state, local authorities, contractors and private individuals. We have extensive expertise in concreting and structural engineering, water and the environment, railway work, roadworks, bridge work, tunnel work, harbour construction, land improvement work and changes and impacts on the landscape. We offer services within the following areas:

Water purification (water and sewage treatment, swimming pools, industrial water purification)
Railway (track, electricity, signal, telecommunications)
Construction (building, bridge and plant construction)
Bridge and plant maintenance, repairs 
Geotechnics and foundation engineering, geostructures
Environmental impact assessments (risk analysis, inspection, vibration measurement)