Designing HVAC and sanitation solutions is complex. It requires know-how and experience, but just as much creative ability to solve challenges. It is also a matter of thinking long-term and anticipating needs and consequences for a long time to come.

Better documentation delivers better installations
Every hour we spend on giving advice, design and documentation delivers benefits further down the road. Clear and carefully prepared documentation means that the contractor can do a better job with the installation. In addition, operation will be safer and easier, and the greatest benefit of all – a better indoor climate for people and a better environment for machinery.

Think energy early on
Energy use in a building or plant depends to a large – perhaps the largest – extent on how the HVAC and sanitation solutions are designed. By contacting us at an early stage, we can analyse the conditions and influence the entire project in the right direction.

A common denominator among our employees is a sense of responsibility and of sustainability. Building correctly from the beginning costs less. Making changes later on is a waste of resources. 

Extremely demanding HVAC and sanitation installations
At PE, we also take on the most demanding assignments in HVAC and sanitation design, for example, operating theatres or clean rooms for industry and research. PE is one of the few suppliers with the capacity and competentices to produce world-class solutions.

Services within HVAC and sanitation
We produce plans and solutions in connection with new builds and refurbishments for all types of properties such as commercial and public premises, industry, hospitals/health centres, laboratories, homes, sports facilities, schools, shopping centres and shops. We offer services within the following areas:

HVAC and sanitation (Heating, ventilation & air conditioning and sanitation systems)
Medical gases
Control and monitoring