All our clients have unique requirements. By meeting our clients’ specific needs, PE’s specialists can guarantee safe and secure end-to-end fire safety, risk and protection solutions.

Preventing risks is important for all aspects of society, including sustainability. That’s why we design solutions that ensure a safe environment both indoors and out.

Both a specialist and end-to-end provider
Our fire protection engineers’ expertise covers all aspects of fire safety design and our extinguishing systems specialists develop fixed extinguishing systems.

PE’s risk engineers produce risk analyses for both construction projects and various types of manufacturing and warehousing operations.

Protection provides safety planning, covering both property and the people involved in particular activities. This work is managed by our safety consultants, often together with project managers, architects and developers.

During the contracting stage our work is often coordinated by our lock consultants, who oversee the door environment configuration and planning of lock fittings, often in cooperation with architects, and fire safety and telecommunications consultants. This ensures correct functioning of the door environment.

One of Protection’s major strengths is its in-depth expertise across multiple areas of this segment.

We also provide inspections of sprinkler, gas leak detection and fire alarm systems, as well as door environments throughout the construction process.

Fire Safety, Risk & Protection services
PE’s specialists work across the entire project process. Our end-to-end solution comprises services in the following areas:

Fire safety and risk management
Fire risk management (FRM) and client support
Underwriting support
Sprinkler systems