Efficient installations and a good end product require carefully prepared and detailed documentation. When we provide documents for projects in the electrical, telecommunications and safety area we take overall responsibility. This means that it will be cost-efficient and that timetables are adhered to.  

By engaging us early on in projects, you avoid unnecessary costs at a later stage. A good example is fire prevention planning, where you can avoid making expensive modifications later on.

Specialist and overall supplier – at the same time
Even clearly-defined assignments are part of something bigger. We are involved in the overall project, for the benefit of clients, end users and society as a whole. As a client, you sometimes discover unexpected challenges over the course of the project. Then it is reassuring to know that PE can call in more competencies.

Value-adding technology
Installations account for a large part of the building cost. Thus, there are large gains to be made. Since the advice and documentation we provide are clear, accurate and comprehensible, the contractor’s work is easier and more cost-efficient with maintained high quality. With each passing year, the technical content in a building is becoming more complex. At PE, our method of working involves efficient teams of experts that collaborate across various disciplines. This makes us innovative and we identify solutions that others do not find.

Services in Electrical, Telecommunications and Safety
We produce plans and solutions in connection with new builds and refurbishments for all types of properties. We have extensive experience from commercial and public premises, industry, hospitals/health centres, laboratories, homes, sports facilities, schools, shopping centres and shops. We offer services within the following areas:

Electrical engineering
Power engineering
Lighting design
Telecommunications and communications engineering 
Reserve power & UPS systems
Security systems
Sprinkler and extinguisher systems 
Property automation
Control and monitoring
Lighting systems
Fire protection
Risk analysis
Construction inspections 
Lifts and transport systems
Energy efficiency improvements
Network analysis 
Electrical systems & lightning protection
AV & multimedia systems