Building projects have become more complex, particularly the requirements relating to technical standards and energy use.  Meanwhile, the possibilities have increased. Completing the assignment requires competencies, experience and an ability to think outside the box.  

Projects in all phases
PE conducts projects within all phases of a property’s lifecycle − from refinement of undeveloped land and construction to modernisation of an existing building. When we enter the process at an early stage, we identify solutions that will be crucial later on. For instance, our geoengineers and architects are key players in the early phases.

Teams all over the country
Over the years, we have built up offices all around the country, often through acquisition of companies with competencies and local experience from the region. This makes us stronger locally, while we have the large company’s access to specialist competencies and resources. In common for all our employees – irrespective of where they are based – is that they take overall responsibility for you as a client, for your end users and for society

Sustainability and synergies
Building or refurbishing is a complex and long-term undertaking. By thinking sustainably from the start, we identify potential synergies among external and indoor environments, installation systems, buildings and their operation. The results increase value on several levels, in the short and long-term.

Services within Building
We work with the entire chain from the initial concepts to follow up of completed projects. We work with both public and private customers within the entire building and property sector. We offer services in the following areas:

Building design
Geotechnics and surveying
Energy, environment and sustainability