2019-03-18 | Pressrelease

Changes in Projektengagemang’s group management team

Kjell-Åke Johansson has been appointed new Head of the Installation Division and Nicke Rydgren is the new Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), with marketing and acquisitions being combined with strategic and business development.

Kjell-Åke Johansson has been CEO of Integra Engineering, which was acquired by PE at the end of 2018. For more than 20 years, Kjell-Åke has worked with business development, leadership and sales in the industrial and public infrastructure construction sectors, including at Semcon and Innovatum. He takes over the role of head of division from Johan Renvall.

“We are very pleased to welcome Kjell-Åke as head of division and as a member of our group management team. He has proven his skills as an entrepreneur and leader, not least regarding the development of Integra. He is also a really great person and I look forward to working with him in the future,” says Per Hedebäck, President and CEO of PE.

“It is exciting to get the opportunity to help develop PE and it is inspiring to get the chance to lead the Installation Division. We will continue to create innovative, sustainable and efficient solutions for our customers in our business areas of HVAC and plumbing design, fire, risk and protection, electricity, telecoms and security,” says Kjell-Åke Johansson.

Kjell-Åke will remain as CEO of Integra until the integration has been completed, but Jonas Sindler, who is currently Vice CEO, is gradually taking over responsibility for the daily operational activities in the business.

In order to further strengthen collaboration and streamline PE’s overarching activities, the departments for marketing, acquisitions and strategic and business development are being merged. Nicke Rydgren, the former Head of Strategy, has been appointed Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), with responsibility for the new department. He thereby takes over responsibility for marketing and acquisitions from Peter Edstrand. Nicke is already a member of the group management team.

“We have great opportunities to create internal and external synergies by gathering together our business support functions. We have a very competent Marketing Department and a strong acquisitions team. I am therefore very much looking forward to working with them to strengthen our knowledge of the industry and to be able to continue attracting some of the industry’s finest companies to the PE Group,” says Nicke Rydgren, CCO at PE.

Johan Renvall and Peter Edstrand are departing, and will jointly start a consultancy business focusing on corporate transactions. They will continue to work at the group until the summer to ensure a good handover.

“Johan and Peter have both worked for the group for a long time. I would like to thank them for their great contribution to establishing one of Sweden’s largest technology and architect groups and at the same time wish them good luck in the future,” says Per Hedebäck, President and CEO of PE.