At PE we take great care to ensure we provide accurate, clear and regular information to all our stakeholders, so that everyone is able to monitor and understand the business’s development.

PE issues interim reports four times a year. The company’s financial year runs from 1 January through 31 December, and the annual report is published in April. Projektengagemang publishes details of events outside of the interim reports that may affect the company’s share price via regulatory press releases (exchange notices).

PE applies a quiet period starting at least 30 days prior to the publication of its year-end statement and interim reports. During this period, PE’s representatives refrain from answering questions or commenting on the company’s financial performance.

22 February 2020
Year-end statement 2019, will become public at 07:30

19 May
Interim report January-March 2020, will become public at 07:30

19 May
Annual General Meeting 2019

17 July
Interim report April-June 2020, will become public at 07:30

5 November
Interim report July-September 2020, will become public at 07:30

19 February 2021
Year-end statement 2020, will become public at 07:30