We endeavour to contribute to a more sustainable future. We do this mainly through the solutions we develop with our clients. Together, we are building the communities, infrastructure and industry of tomorrow.

We renew society with innovative and sustainable solutions

Sustainability is a key part of PE’s vision and is a strategic platform that should be reflected in everything we do. We work with sustainability in three ways: through collaboration in society, in our business with our employees, and primarily by contributing our know-how in assignments.

For us, sustainability is a long-term, holistic issue, and we base our work on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We endeavour to improve with regard to all aspects of sustainability, and continually measure outcomes to ensure that we are moving in the right direction. An annual materiality analysis is conducted and used as a basis for defining our priorities.

PE’s Sustainability Council
Sustainability work is led and coordinated by PE’s Sustainability Council, with the President and Group CEO having ultimate responsibility. We have chosen to have a Sustainability Council instead of a Head of Sustainability in order to be able to manage the complexity and breadth that sustainability entails. Issues handled by the Sustainability Council cover everything from PE’s range of client services, sustainability expertise and social impact, to internal environmental issues, equality and business ethics.

The members of the Sustainability Council

  • Per Hedebäck, President and Group CEO
  • Amanda Tevell, Head of Strategy and Business Development
  • Peter Stigson, Group Manager Sustainable Society & Private Sector Development and Techn. Director Energy & Environmental Technology
  • Sofia Wollmann, Head of Quality and Environment
  • Åsa Holmgren, HR Director

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