How can a company grow so quickly in an industry with such long traditions? The answer is to be found in a clear vision and a new way of working. This is the story of PE.

Per-Arne Gustavsson founded Projektengagemang (“PE” for short) in 2006 with a clear vision: to renew society through innovative and sustainable solutions. The basis was unshakable belief in entrepreneurship and the personal drive of each and every employee. In addition, Per-Arne was keen to challenge and develop the industry. He wanted to create something new by delivering smart, comprehensive solutions and integrated consultancy services in the contexts of urban planning and industry.

A clear ten-year goal
From the start, we had our sights set on becoming one of the ten biggest consultancy groups in the urban planning sector in Sweden – and to be listed on the stock exchange one day. In our first year of operation, we therefore devised the plan of growing to employ 1,000 people and generate turnover of at least SEK 1 billion within ten years.

We are growing
There are two ways to grow: organically or through acquisitions. We apply both, but acquisitions have played a crucial role in PE’s rapid growth. There has always been a clear concept behind growth itself. In order to be able to renew and improve the society of the future, we need access to the most highly skilled employees. Those companies we have had the pleasure of bringing into the PE organisation are some of the most competence-rich in the industry. This has not only brought in skilled and experienced employees, but also ensured that we have people in place all over the country who are fully familiar with their clients. 

Achieving the goal
In 2017, we were delighted to note that we had achieved the goals of our ten-year plan, and in 2018 we reached another milestone when PE was listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. 

And we continue to move forward. It is not a question of simply administrating previous successes, however, but of continuing to create new ones. Our most important successes are not measured in figures. We want to be involved in creating a society where we ourselves want to live and grow. We create solutions for life.

"The basis was unshakable belief in entrepreneurship and the personal drive of each and every employee. "