PE’s AGM makes decisions regarding the principles for appointing the members of the Nomination Committee. The members of the Nomination Committee must include one representative of each of the three largest shareholders in terms of votes who wish to elect such representative. One of the members shall be the Chairman of the Board, who also convenes the first meeting.

The Nomination Committees tasks are to prepare and present proposals for election of the Chairperson and other members of the Board, board fees to be divided between the Chairman, other members and remuneration for committee work, election and remuneration of the Auditor, election of Chairperson of the AGM and, where applicable, changes in the guideline for the Nomination Committee.

The names of the appointed in the nomination committee and the shareholders that they represent should be published on the company’s website as soon as they get appointed, but no later than six months before the AGM. The Nomination Committee for the AGM 2020 comprices:

  • Per Göransson, acting, Chairman of the Board Projektengagemang Holding AB
  • Tim Floderus, Investment AB Öresund
  • Peter Larsson, K-Konsult Management AB
  • Per Granath, Zirkona AB/Fagra Finans AB

Shareholders who wish to submit a proposal to the Nomination Committee can do this by email to [email protected] or by letter to Projektengagemang Sweden AB, att: Nomination Committee, Box 47146, Årstaängsvägen 11, 100 74 Stockholm, no later than 28 February, 2020.

Instruction for the Nominating Committee