PE is made up of architects, engineers and specialists who identify opportunities, develop concepts and face challenges to help our clients achieve sustainable solutions. PE is powered by a desire to innovate and improve on an ongoing basis. It is this drive and commitment that attract not only clients, but also the best employees.

Founded in 2006, PE is a consultancy group specialising in urban planning and industry. Since starting out, we have grown into an enterprise that employs more than 1,000 people at 35 locations in Sweden – and we continue to grow at an impressive rate.

Our business concept
PE’s committed employees are the group’s driving force, creating value not just for our clients, but for society in general as well. This entails our delivering advanced consulting services and solutions in the fields of architecture, fixtures and fittings, buildings & facilities, and industry & energy, with a view to generating social benefit for people in their everyday lives.

Our vision – renewing society through innovative and sustainable solutions
In a world that is constantly changing, we need to change, too. We have a responsibility to make a difference, and we are spurred on by a desire to renew and improve. That is why we constantly challenge one another to think more broadly – and sometimes differently. This helps develop our knowledge and our skills, and, by extension, how we create value for our clients, ourselves and society in general. 

A new way of working
From the very start, we have maintained a firm belief in entrepreneurship, and our corporate culture is built on the personal drive of each and every employee. Taking as our basis a combination of genuine commitment, the assignment, the client, the end user and society, we create successful projects where the client is delighted not only with the end result, but also with the journey to get there.

Adapted to match a new era
Our corporate culture makes it easy for people from different fields of skill to work together. Whenever necessary, we can call on the expertise of a colleague from a different area – and this is becoming increasingly common given that the projects we are working on, both in urban planning and in industry, are becoming ever-more complex. We need to bring in more and more skills to tackle these challenges, which is why we often give architects, engineers and project managers the opportunity to pool their competences. This helps make us more innovative and opens the door to synergies and solutions that remain closed to others.

Concentrating on people generates success
We currently generate annual sales of SEK 1.2 billion, and our goal is to achieve average annual growth of 15 percent with strong profitability. These figures are founded on several success factors that we measure on an ongoing basis.

Success is all about ensuring the satisfaction of employees and clients and, ultimately, the social benefit to people’s lives. Our most recent employee satisfaction survey shows a higher than average likelihood of PE employees recommending us as a workplace to a friend or colleague. We see this as evidence that we are on the right track.

"What drives PE forward is a willingness to renew and improve. This drive and commitment not only attracts customers but also the best employees."