Castellum invited contributions to an architectural competition, with the aim of creating a landmark with a strong environmental profile. The proposal from Roof Arkitekter, now part of PE, was chosen.

Citypassagen is an office building of 15,000 square metres and seven floors in central Örebro, located next to the city’s transport hub. The building stands out for both its architecture and smart environmental solutions.  

Facade that captures solar energy
The building has a faceted facade with large, gold-coloured metal plates, each four metres high. 340 solar panels have been integrated into the southern and eastern facade to supply the building with green electricity.

The building takes its name from the passage that runs through the ground floor, functioning as a walkway to get to and from the centre. To maximise the amount of light coming into the square building, a second passage has been added above the ground floor. It separates the building into four sections and links up in the centre, so people can move freely between each part. The premises are light and spacious, allowing tenants considerable flexibility. 

Rainwater recycling and demand-controlled electricity
Creating a building that sets an environmental standard was a common theme throughout the design of Citypassagen. In addition to the building being supplied with green electricity via the solar panels on the facade, rainwater is collected and used to flush all the toilets as part of an innovative water-saving solution. The ventilation and lighting are demand-controlled. Detectors have been built into the ceiling that identify the sections in which people are working. When no-one is in a room, the lighting is switched off and the ventilation is reduced to a minimum. The detectors also regulate lighting according to the amount of sunlight, and if it gets hot in the building, the ventilation increases. In order to encourage more cycling, there is a bicycle parking area and changing room with showers. 

Citypassagen has been awarded preliminary certification to Miljöbyggnad standard, level Silver.