The Ångström Laboratory is one of Uppsala University’s larger facilities. It is home to science and technology departments and research groups within physics, chemistry, mathematics and materials science.

At the end of 2011, four architectural bureaus were invited to submit proposals for a parallel assignment to modernise the Ångström Laboratory and bring the Department of Information Technology and the other existing departments at Ångström under one roof. Our proposal was chosen.

When the building is finished, around 400 people will be working there and some 1,000 new students will join the Ångström Laboratory with the move. This project, called Nya Ångström (New Ångström), is being carried out to achieve new, exciting collaborative partnerships and to create an effective and attractive knowledge centre for students, teaching staff and researchers.

The building is made up of two parts: a lower level that houses public spaces such as an auditorium, library, restaurant and lecture halls, and a higher level which is the home of the Department of Information Technology. The impressive glass atrium ensures the inner areas of all the building’s floors have natural light. 

In addition to the new building of around 23,000 square metres, the Nya Ångström project also encompasses a new wing with an area of roughly 8,000 square metres, and rearrangements and adaptations to existing buildings.

The assignment was carried out by Tema, which changed its name to PE in April 2019. Tema has a long-standing relationship with the Ångström Laboratory. As a result of an architectural competition in 1993, Tema was given responsibility for architecture, interior design, landscape planning and project management in the construction of the existing building, with a total GFA of 73,000 square metres.